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Posted by Kingsley Ajuonuma on February 16, 2024
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Seamless Travel Between North and South Cyprus: A Guide to Border Crossings
Cyprus, a Mediterranean gem, offers a unique experience with its divided yet harmonious North and South regions. Since 2003, EU citizens have enjoyed unrestricted access across the North/South border, making every corner of this island accessible. With just a passport or ID card, travelers can explore the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and historical sites Cyprus has to offer. Here’s your essential guide to navigating the Cyprus border crossings:


Key Border Crossings Between North and South Cyprus

  • Metehan (Agios Dometios/Kermiya) in West Nicosia: This versatile crossing point accommodates vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, making it a popular choice for those looking to explore the capital’s contrasting halves.
  • Ledra Palace/Ledra Street and Locmaci in Central Nicosia: Ideal for pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists, these crossings offer a straightforward path across the heart of Nicosia, allowing for an easy exploration of the city’s diverse culture.
  • Dhekelia (Beyarmudu, Pergamos, or Pile): Accessible by vehicle, bicycle, or on foot, this border provides another convenient route for travelers moving between the North and South.
  • Akyar (Strovilia/Azios Nikolaos) in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area in Famagusta: Located on the Larnaca-Famagusta road, this crossing is open to pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists, serving those in the eastern regions.
  • Yesilirmak (Limnitis) near Guzelyurt (Morpho): This crossing caters to pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists, offering access to the western parts of Cyprus.

Visa Regulations for North Cyprus

Entering and exiting North Cyprus is streamlined through designated ports and border crossings with a valid passport or travel document. The regulations, updated on 23 October 2019, outline the entry, stay, and departure protocols for foreigners, ensuring a smooth travel experience.
General Information for Travelers:

  • Republic of Turkey Citizens: A valid passport or identity card is required.
  • European Union Citizens: A valid EU passport or national identity card is necessary.
  • Third Country Nationals: A valid passport is mandatory, with specific visa regulations for crossings from South Cyprus.

Note: Nationals from the Syrian Arab Republic, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the Republic of Armenia are obligated to obtain a visa in advance from a TRNC Representative Office.


Making Your Visa Application:
It’s advisable to apply for a visa at least one month before your intended travel date. The process for education-related visas can take 2-3 months or longer, depending on the country. Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the application date.

At the Border:

  • Upon entry, visitors should have:
  • A valid passport
  • Sufficient funds (£85 or equivalent per day)
  • Round trip ticket
  • Proof of hotel reservation or a letter of invitation for family visits
  • Official acceptance letter for educational purposes or an invitation letter for business trips

Note: Immigration officers can grant up to 90 days of stay, with the possibility of extension upon application before the visa expiry date.

This guide aims to simplify your travel plans between North and South Cyprus, highlighting the ease of crossing borders and the welcoming nature of this beautiful island. Whether you’re an EU citizen or an international visitor, Cyprus’s doors are open, inviting you to discover its unparalleled charm.

Border Crossing Location Modes of Transportation

  • Metehan (Agios Dometios/Kermiya) West of Nicosia Vehicle, Bicycle, Foot
  • Ledra Palace/Ledra Street and Locmaci Central Nicosia Pedestrians, Vehicles, Cyclists
  • Dhekelia (Beyarmudu, Pergamos, Pile) – Vehicle, Bicycle, Foot
  • Akyar (Strovilia/Azios Nikolaos) British Eastern Sovereign Base Area in Famagusta Pedestrians, Vehicles, Cyclists
  • Yesilirmak (Limnitis) Near Guzelyurt (Morpho) Pedestrians, Vehicles, Cyclists

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