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Buying Guide

1- Choice of your property

Our experience staff will be ready to guide you and give you all the necessary information about our services.

During your visit airport transportation and three-nightaccommodation will be provided by our company.

2- Price and purchase

Individual and flexible payment methods are available for every budget. We also provide mortgage and credit advises for our customers.

3- Contract details

Excluding resident of Northern Cyprus buyers has to apply for” konut alım” (PURCHASE PERMISSION) from the department of home affairs. We provide all kind of assistance including legal assistance to our customers during these transactions and to speed up the process.

3-1 Ttransfers of the title deeds

To be completed as soon as the agreement of the Contracting parties is abolished.

It will be sufficient to have an ID or Passport available during these transactions.

Our customers who are Turkish Citizen and other country residencies are obliged to obtain criminal records certificate from their country.

Buyers other than the Northern Cyprus citizens have the right to buy one property or a maximum of one acres of land(1338 m2).

Married couples who have the same surname count as one and entitled to buy single property. If the surname is different, customer might be eligible to buy two properties.

To be able to buy the property, all foreign citizens has to apply for the Purchase Permit. This procedure is a legal process and it takes average One month for the Turkish Citizens and about Eight months for the other country residents.

4- Stamp fee

Stamp fee is payable to the tax office. It has to be paid in full in the next Twenty-one days of the purchase date.  It is calculated as 0.5% of the contract purchase prize.

If any reason Twenty-one days exceed the fee, then calculate double the amount for each month

5- Title Deed Cost (3%-6%)

To be paid to the Northern Cyprus Land registry office.

For the first time buyer’s it has been calculated as 3% with the special first time buyer’s discount.

For the second time buyers this fee will be 6%. (in order to buy second property foreign citizens has to sell the first property).  For the first purchase of Northern Cyprus Citizens this fee will be 1% and 4%for the second purchase.

6- VAT (Value of Tax)

To be paid to the tax office. It is calculated as 5% of the value of the property. It has to be paid before taking over the property.

7- Trafo

It is the cost of electricity, water, telephone and other infrastructure of works for new properties purchased from the Construction Companies directly. It will be prized by the construction company. The cost usually in between 1200-1500 British Pound.