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Posted by Kingsley Ajuonuma on February 27, 2024
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Luxury Resorts for the Ultimate Relaxation North Cyprus is home to several luxury resorts that promise an unparalleled relaxation experience. With amenities such as private beaches, infinity pools, and spa services, these resorts are perfect for travelers looking to indulge in luxury. Highlight a few top luxury resorts, focusing on their unique features, location, and guest experiences.


Boutique Hotels with Cypriot Charm For those seeking a more intimate and personalized lodging experience, the boutique hotels of North Cyprus offer a charming alternative. These hotels often reflect the island’s rich history and culture, providing guests with a unique stay. Discuss the appeal of staying in a boutique hotel, including the attention to detail, distinctive design, and local flavor.


Family-Friendly Hotels for Memorable Vacations North Cyprus is an ideal destination for families, offering hotels with facilities and activities designed to entertain guests of all ages. Highlight hotels that are particularly family-friendly, noting features like children’s pools, family rooms, and kid’s clubs.


Eco-Friendly Stays for Sustainable Travelers As Eco-conscious travel continues to gain popularity, mention any eco-friendly hotels in North Cyprus that are committed to sustainability. Discuss their green initiatives, such as energy conservation, water recycling, and the use of organic and locally sourced foods.


Choosing Your Perfect North Cyprus Hotel Offer tips on selecting the right hotel for your needs, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a solo adventure. Encourage readers to consider factors such as location, amenities, and reviews in their decision-making process.


North Cyprus offers a hotel for every type of traveler, blending luxury, culture, and natural beauty to create the perfect holiday backdrop. Whether you’re dreaming of a luxury resort or a cozy boutique hotel, you’ll find your ideal accommodation in North Cyprus.



5-Star Hotels in North Cyprus

Hotel NameLocationPhone NumberWebsite
Elexus Hotel Resort Casino & SpaKyreniaOpening
Acapulco Resort & Convention & Spa HotelCatalkoy+90 (392) 650 45
Savoy HotelKyrenia+90 (392) 444
Malpas HotelCatalkoy+90 (392) 650 30
Cratos Premium HotelCatalkoy+90 (392) 444 42
The Colony HotelKyrenia+90 (392) 815 15
Grand Pasha Hotel, Casino & SpaKyrenia+90 (392) 229 27
Rocks Hotel CasinoKyrenia+90 (392) 650 04
Vouni Palace HotelKyrenia+90 (392) 816 06
Merit HotelsVarious LocationsVarious


4-Star Hotels

Hotel NameLocationPhone NumberWebsite
Almond Holiday VillageAlsancak, Kyrenia0090 392 821 28
Dome HotelKyrenia+90 (392) 815 24
L.A. Hotel & ResortLapta+90 (392) 821
Oscar ResortKyrenia+90 (392) 858 30


3-Star Hotels

Hotel NameLocationPhone NumberWebsite
High Life HotelKarakum+90 (392) 815 33
Ada Beach HotelAlsancak+90 (392) 821 82
Lapethos Resort Hotel & SpaLapta+90 (392) 821
Hotel SempatiLapta+90 (392) 821 27


Boutique Hotels

Hotel NameLocationPhone NumberWebsite
Bella View Boutique HotelOzanköy+90 (392) 816
Bellapais Gardens HotelKyrenia+90 (392) 815 76




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