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Posted by Kingsley Ajuonuma on December 25, 2023
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In North Cyprus, a region primarily home to the Muslim Turkish Cypriots, Christmas isn’t as prevalent as in countries with a majority Christian population. Yet, during the festive season, there’s a discernible sense of celebration, particularly in areas with a diverse international community and among local Christians.

  • Celebrations in the Expat and International Community: Towns like Kyrenia (Girne) and Famagusta (Gazimağusa), known for their significant expatriate communities, come alive with Christmas spirit. Hotels and eateries often organize special Christmas events, offering traditional festive meals, decorations, and music to cater to the expatriates and tourists looking to celebrate the holiday.
  • Religious Observances: The Christian community in North Cyprus celebrates Christmas with traditional church services. For instance, St. Andrew’s Church in Kyrenia becomes a gathering place for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, attracting not just local Christians but also expats and sometimes curious visitors from other faiths.
  • Festive Decor and Shopping: As Christmas approaches, a festive flair is noticeable in certain areas. Shops, particularly in tourist hotspots and those owned by Christian residents or expatriates, might adorn their spaces with Christmas lights, trees, and ornaments. These spots offer a touch of the holiday spirit with their festive displays and seasonal items for sale.
  • Cultural Harmony and Festive Integration: In North Cyprus, Christmas time coincides with the build-up to the widely celebrated New Year’s Eve, creating an atmosphere where various cultural traditions intermingle. It’s a period where communities come together, sharing in the festive mood, exchanging gifts, and enjoying celebratory meals, regardless of their religious backgrounds. This cultural blend during the holiday season showcases the region’s diversity and the shared joy of festivities.

Additionally, this period can also present an exciting opportunity for those interested in the real estate market. Property sellers and developers often provide special discounts and promotions around Christmas and New Year’s, making it an opportune time for prospective buyers to explore investment or residential options. These seasonal incentives can make property acquisition more attractive, offering a chance to secure a home or investment in this unique and culturally rich region at a potentially lower cost. Check Ashrafi estate property options and discover incredible discounted sales.

While Christmas in North Cyprus might not mirror the grandeur seen in predominantly Christian regions, it presents a unique, subdued celebration that respects the area’s cultural diversity and religious plurality. The season is marked by a blend of traditions, community spirit, and the added prospect of attractive real estate opportunities, reflecting the region’s unique character and respect for various cultural backgrounds.


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