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Posted by Kingsley Ajuonuma on December 15, 2023
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This city rich in history and culture, is situated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Its historical journey is as captivating as its beautiful landscapes.

The area known today as Iskele has ancient roots, tracing back to times when Cyprus was a crossroads for various civilizations, including Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines. These cultures left their mark on the region, contributing to its rich historical culture. Originally known as Trikomo, the city’s name has evolved over centuries. “Iskele” in Turkish means “pier” or “wharf,” reflecting its close relationship with the sea. The name changes from Trikomo to Iskele occurred following some significant events in 1974, which led to demographic shifts in Cyprus. The Turkish community from Larnaca in the southern part of the Island of Cyprus, who relocated to the northern part, settled in this region, giving it its current name, Iskele.

Following this demographic shift, the administrative status of Iskele also changed. In 1974, following the Cyprus Peace Operation, the TRNC reorganized its administrative divisions, and Iskele was declared an independent district. This new status marked a turning point for the city, leading to growth and development. This se

Iskele, with its unique geographical location, has been a melting pot of cultures. The influences of Greek and Turkish Cypriots have blended over the years, creating a unique cultural identity. This blend is evident in the city’s architecture, cuisine, and local traditions. Today, Iskele is known for its scenic beauty, historical sites, and cultural festivals. It is a vibrant community that honors its past while looking toward the future. The city continues to be a significant part of the cultural and historical narrative of Cyprus, attracting visitors from around the world who are interested in its rich history and beautiful landscapes. Within this beautiful district exists various renowned towns, such as the famous Long Beach area, Bogaz, Bafra, Karpaz peninsula, and Dipkarpaz


Long Beach Area:
The Long Beach area is an area rapidly evolving into a modern hub of tourism, infrastructure, and investment opportunities. With its stunning coastline and strategic location, the area is becoming a focal point for development and leisure.

This region is experiencing a massive boom in the Tourism industry, owing to its pristine location and sandy beaches. These developments offer a range of accommodations, from luxury to budget-friendly options, attracting a diverse array of visitors. The tourism industry here is not just about sun and sea; it’s also about providing a holistic experience with various recreational activities, including water sports, beach events, and cultural tours.

The famous Iskele Long Beach

As the population and visitor numbers grow, so does the need for medical services. Iskele Long Beach has responded by developing medical facilities that include clinics and pharmacies. These facilities cater to both routine health care needs and emergency services, ensuring that residents and tourists have access to quality medical care when needed. This area boasts of epicurean blend of local and international cuisines, with numerous restaurants and cafes along the coastline. These establishments range from casual beachfront eateries to fine dining restaurants, offering a variety of dishes that cater to all tastes. Seafood, naturally, is a specialty here, with many restaurants serving fresh catches from the Mediterranean.

When it comes to property investments, this area presents outstanding investment opportunities. Ashrafi estate as one of the leading property investment agency in North Cyprus offers numerous properties for both investment and residential purposes in this region. The Long Beach area presents lucrative investment opportunities, particularly in the real estate and hospitality sectors. The area’s ongoing development, combined with its natural beauty and increasing popularity among tourists, makes it an attractive location for investors. Opportunities include investing in property development, hotel and resort businesses, and tourism-related services. The region’s growth potential makes it a promising area for both short-term gains and long-term returns.


Another Prominent town in Iskele is Bafra, strategically located 45 kilometers from Famagusta, a city known for its history and culture, and about 65 kilometers from Ercan International Airport. This positioning provides easy access to urban amenities and convenient travel options, making Bafra an ideal spot for both residents and visitors. With a vast option of property options, this area is an ideal location for those seeking investment or residential propeties. This area is transforming into a key destination with significant infrastructure development, including efficient transportation, enhanced utilities, and advanced telecommunication, all while ensuring sustainable growth. Tourism thrives here, with its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts attracting a diverse array of travelers. The region is enhancing its medical infrastructure to provide comprehensive healthcare services to both locals and tourists. Bafra’s culinary scene reflects its cultural diversity, offering a range of dining experiences from local to international cuisine. This growth and popularity make Bafra an attractive area for investment in real estate, hospitality, and tourism industries.

The Arkin Iskele Hotel - Famagusta, North Cyprus

Beautiful Resort and Beaches in Bafra


Additionally, nestled within the Iskele District is the Famous town of Karpaz. The Karpaz region represents a harmonious blend of nature and culture. This beautiful town boasts of untouched natural beauty with its spectacular beaches like the famous Golden Beach, with miles of golden sands and clear blue waters. With its commitment to sustainable development, growing tourism industry focused on natural and cultural experiences, basic yet sufficient medical facilities, authentic culinary offerings, and potential for eco-friendly investments, Karpaz stands as a unique and attractive destination in Northern Cyprus. It appeals to those seeking an escape into nature and a glimpse into the traditional Cypriot way of life. Found also in this region is the beautiful Karpaz Marina, set in the Karpaz Peninsula, a modern marina offering a wide range of services for yachting enthusiasts. It features extensive berthing facilities, maintenance services, and essential amenities like fuel stations. The marina enhances the visitor experience with accommodations, diverse dining options, a swimming pool, and recreational activities.

Karpaz Gate Marina - Karpas Peninsula, North Cyprus

The famous Karpaz gate Marina in Karpaz region


Further, towards the North of the Karpaz Peninsula is the Dipkarpaz region also known as Rizorkarpaso, a prominent town in Northern Cyprus’s Karpas Peninsula. Known for its rich agricultural land, it’s a hub for eco-tourism, leveraging its unspoiled natural beauty and cultural heritage. The town is close to Ayfilon Beach, a conservation site for loggerhead sea turtles, and the renowned Apostolos Andreas Monastery, a significant pilgrimage site. The surrounding Karpaz National Park, famous for its wild donkeys and pristine beaches, highlights the region’s commitment to preserving its natural environment. Rizokarpaso’s blend of historical sites, diverse wildlife, and scenic landscapes makes it a unique destination, embodying the tranquility and cultural richness of Cyprus. The Cyprus donkey, native to Cyprus, comes in two main strains: a larger, dark-colored type with a pale belly, likely of European descent, and a smaller, grey African type, making up about 20% of the population. Previously, the population was estimated to be between 2,200 and 2,700. These famed donkey breeds were a crucial part of the island’s rural life, dating back to prehistoric times.


Beach Lovers' Paradise in Dipkarpaz

Beach Lovers’ Paradise in Dipkarpaz: The famous Golden Beach



Cyprus Donkey

Iskele is a region steeped in history and blessed with stunning landscapes, offering an ideal mix of residential and investment opportunities. The area is a cultural melting pot with ancient origins, once known as Trikomo and now home to several charming towns like Long Beach, Bafra, Karpaz, and Dipkarpaz. Long Beach is rapidly developing into a tourism and investment hub, boasting pristine beaches, a range of accommodation options, and quality medical facilities. Bafra, conveniently located near Famagusta and the airport, is evolving with significant infrastructure improvements, making it an attractive spot for both living and investing. Karpaz, known for its untouched beauty and the famous Golden Beach, offers eco-tourism and sustainable living options, while the Karpaz Marina adds a touch of luxury and convenience for yachting enthusiasts. Dipkarpaz, or Rizokarpaso, stands out for its agricultural richness and cultural heritage, highlighted by the Apostolos Andreas Monastery and conservation efforts for sea turtles at Ayfilon Beach. Overall, Iskele presents a unique blend of tranquil living, rich cultural experiences, and promising investment prospects in one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful settings

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